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Quai Mathieu 2

Le Quai Mathieu- The Heart of Acadian Chéticamp 💙🤍💛❤️

Le Quai Mathieu, which overlooks the Harbour of Chéticamp and Chéticamp Island, is centrally located in the downtown main street of this quaint Acadian Village. 📍
After the cod fisheries collapse in the early 1990’s, Chéticamp’s main economic foothold crumbled and residents became uncertain about their economic future. Thus, when conceptual plans were developed and displaced fisheries workers were asked to partake in the construction of the boardwalk, Le Quai Mathieu became a beacon of hope for revitalization.

The project received media attention, praising Chéticamp’s sense of community pride and the Chéticamp Development Commission which spearheaded the project. In 1994, the Chéticamp Development Commission had developed a phased plan for the boardwalk and other coastal infrastructure along its harbour. ⚓️

Although all phases have not yet been completed, the first primary phases were:
➡️ Phase 1: Boardwalk and parking lot in the town’s core.
➡️ Completed Phase 2: Boardwalk extension to “La Chaloupe’s” wharf.
➡️ Completed Phase 3: Boardwalk extension between “La Chaloupe” and “Harbour Restaurant”.
➡️ Completed Phase 4: Wharf Catwalk Construction.

Le Quai Mathieu and boardwalk has also been enhanced with the addition of gateway markers, branding, signage, and washrooms. The community has made good use of the infrastructure. 🙌🏻

It has served cultural purposes by hosting Acadian festival events, musical and dance evenings, it had become a whale watching venue for The Love Boat, and most recent local entrepreneurs have opened a kayak and seadoo rentals.

It is also been used as a physical activities spot for yoga, tai chi, walking or even just to sit and watch the sunset over Chéticamp Island. 🙌🏻

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