• Let us guide your discovery of Nova Scotia

    Let us guide your discovery of Nova Scotia

  • Let us guide your discovery of Nova Scotia

    Let us guide your discovery of Nova Scotia

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  • Isle Madame 1

    The Lighthouses of Isle Madame 💙🤍💛❤️

    Did you know that at one time, there were thirteen lighthouses on Isle Madame? Now there are only four remaining. ⚓️

    The four lighthouses are located in: 📍

    ➡️ Arichat, on Jersey Man Island
    ➡️ Green Island
    ➡️ Cap-Auguet, which can be accessed by a gravel road
    ➡️ Lennox Passage provincial park

    Prepare a picnic and come and explore Isle Madame. A gravel path leads you to the Marache Point lighthouse in Cap-Auguet and the Grandique lighthouse to Lennox Passage provincial park. 🙌🏻

    To learn more, visit: https://www.islemadamelighthouses.ca/

    Photos 📸: Acorn Art & Photography

    Isle Madame 3

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  • Evangeline statue and church at Grand Pré National Historic Site near Wolfville in the Annapolis Valley

    Acadian Odyssey Commission – Commemoration of the Acadian Deportation

    The project of international commemoration of the Acadian Deportation covers the period from 1755 until the beginning of the 19th century. Its progress is categorized into four stages: embarkation (in Acadia), disembarkation (in the United States and in Europe), transit / migrations (in Acadia, in Europe, in the United States and in the West Indies) and recolonization of Acadia (in Atlantic Canada, Louisiana, Quebec and France).


    The Acadian Deportation was a tragic event. The international commemoration project for the Acadian Deportation allows the Acadian people to assert themselves and to promote themselves as a model of a community that has shown perseverance.


    Since 2005, a total of 16 monuments have been erected, including 5 in New Brunswick, 3 in Nova Scotia, 1 in Prince Edward Island, 1 in Newfoundland and Labrador, 4 in Quebec, 1 in Louisiana and 1 in Île de Miquelon (France). Each monument includes a general text in French and English that relates to Acadian Deportation as well as a bilingual text specific to the site that hosts a monument.


    To learn more, visit: https://snacadie.org/nos.../concertation/odyssee-acadienne
    To learn more about Grand Pré, visit: https://www.pc.gc.ca/en/lhn-nhs/ns/grandpre


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    Acadian Odyssey Commission 💙🤍💛❤️

    In 1999, the Acadian Odyssey Commission was created and developed with the goal of highlighting, in a tangible and permanent way, the Odyssey of the Acadian people in Canada, on the North American continent and across the globe. 🌎

    According to its mandate, the Acadian Odyssey Commission ensures:
    ➡️ The international commemoration of the Acadian Deportation and the Acadian Odyssey;
    ➡️ Awareness of Acadian history and culture, and;
    ➡️ The promotion of Acadie as part of this project.

    Since 2009, the Acadian Odyssey Commission has completed its mandate by accepting, thanks to the expertise of its members, to carry out requests relating to Acadian heritage and any question relating to the recognition of characters, events, and sites of historical importance. As such, it encourages and supports the creation of commemorative monuments.

    To learn more, visit: https://snacadie.org/nos.../concertation/odyssee-acadienne

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